Welcome to Merci

From the very beginning, when Edouard and Andre Michelin were inspired to create a vision for moving people, the Company has benefited from the deep commitment and rich motivation of its people. We care about giving people a better way forward, inside and outside the company. That is our culture, our passion and our Purpose. The Merci Recognition program is designed to recognize those employees who help us drive a better way forward. Our goal is to demonstrate sincere recognition of individual and/or team achievements by rewarding employees who go above and beyond to achieve excellent results. This program and its website are designed to be simple and easy to use so that leaders are able to say “thank you.”

How Merci Works

Michelin employees are eligible to give or receive a Merci Recognition Award. For employees who are project leaders or in other roles where they would like to recognize cross-functional team members with Merci gift certificates, it is highly recommended that they notify the recipients’ hierarchical managers in advance of issuing the recognition awards. In accordance with Michelin policy, only Michelin procurement credit cards can be used to purchase gift cards for business purposes. This program allows for the recognition of employees through printing and presenting the certificate or sending it via email. Unused “dollars” can be banked in an employee’s account for later use.